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Insurance for all types of craft

Insure My Boat provides boat insurance of the highest standard at very competitive prices. Using our simple to use online boat insurance system you can get covered today with a policy tailored to your every need.

We cater for a huge range of boats including yachts, dinghies, sail-boats and motorboats and many more. Not only do we cater for a wide range of boats we also offer a wide range of cover to match, from basic liability to fully comprehensive boat insurance policies.

So whatever your vessel we can ensure you're adequately covered with quality boat insurance. For more details on boat insurance policies or the types of craft we insure follow the links.

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Motorboat insurance

Since their inception, motorboats have been able to travel faster than their wind reliant counterparts. Consequently a whole different range of motorboat insurance has been designed to suit all its unique features. Click here for more information.

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Yacht insurance

Insure my Boat takes all the characteristics of your vessel from make, length, speed and age, to compare a series of yacht insurance policies, from respected UK insurers, presented to you in an easy to use format. Click here for more information.

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Quick and Easy to Use

Great site, I've used it a number of times to insure various boats, easy to fill in and quick to get a quote.


Smooth online quote

It took me about 10 minutes in total to get my boat insured. The procedure was very straight forward.


Boating safety guide

Staying safe on the water does not stop at boat insurance. We have put together this boat safety guide to help you get the most of your time on the water.
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Selling a boat

So the time has come to sell your boat, whatever the reason, with research and a bit of work you can achieve the best price for your boat.
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Buying a boat

So you want to buy a boat, where do you start, what type, size, make, model, new or used and so on. We let you know where to start when buying a boat.
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Preventing theft

Unfortunately the thefts of boats, their equipment, engines and trailers are common, however there are many ways that you can minimise the risk of it happening to you.
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