Preventing theft

by Adrian Waters

Unfortunately the thefts of boats, their equipment, engines and trailers are common, however there are many ways that you can minimise the risk of it happening to you.

Lock trailers using a wheel-clamp or a hitch-lock. You can even use a padlock and ensure that the chain is wrapped around a stationary item. Ensure your outboard engine is locked to the boat using a special clamping lock or alternatively remove the engine.

Mark your equipment with the boats name or a postcode, so if it is stolen it can easily be traced back to you. This can be done so it is visible or hidden, or both. Also install an alarm in to larger boats.

If your boat is at a marina or sailing club maybe introduce a 'neighbourhood watch' to keep an eye out for strangers and suspicious activity.

As with any theft, thieves are going to be looking for an easy target, therefore ensure that your boat and any possessions are stored in a way that will make it difficult for the thief.

Should you experience any theft, our boat insurance will cover you for the theft of equipment from both the inside and outside of the boat.

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